A History of: Shut the Farmhouse Door! What is a Farmhouse Ale, Anyway?

I have been wondering why Farmhouse Ales were called that for a long time, but just made my own assumptions. Great to know the actual origin, although it was fun to be ignorant and make up tales of yore.

The Glasshopper

Well, it’s more of a branch of beers than a styles.

Hey Guys!

I have been seeing Farmhouse Ales everywhere lately, so I wanted to take a bit of time to talk to you about what a Farmhouse Ale is and where it comes from.

I saw that New Belgiumshared apictureon Instagram of their new farmhouse ale that is coming out very soon. It’s an exciting time of the year because summer beers are coming out. It’s a time for fruity and hoppy flavored beers. Beers are going to pop and come alive for the summer. This is a time where we come together to celebrate all the summer activities

(Side note: one of my favorite summer phenomena is the summer blockbuster movie season. More specifically, Marvel Cinematic Universe’s releases every summer.

Topically, I’m really excited for the release of Ant-Man, the weekend of July 17th

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