Wet Hop Pickles (Hop Pickles 2.0)

Admittedly, my first go at hop pickles¬†produced a recipe for pickles which were aggressively flavored. The pickles were as polarizing as pickles can get. There was no general consensus on them and some people wanted more and some wanted less of each and every ingredient in the jar. This is the major impetus for creating a new hop pickle recipe. This recipe will be more mainstream and pedestrian, but I’m okay with that. I think I am at least.

For my newest recipe, we have a confluence of things occurring.

  • This year’s hop harvest is happening next Thursday! (very exciting) This year we have partnered with Jailbreak Brewing Company¬†and will be brewing with the wet hops the same day they are harvested. I’ll be posting about that next week.
  • My garden is exploding with fresh cucumbers. Technically, they are bush pickles, a type of cucumber. I planted about 8 plants and I have a lot of cucumbers ready for pickling.
  • While cucumbers are aplenty, my pepper plants are looking pretty weak. The weather this year has been very wet, cloudy and unusually cold, so the peppers aren’t going into the jar like I had hoped.

What this all is to say is that this time around, I’m going to make pickles which are more traditional. I plan to use my hops, cucumbers and dill from the garden and add a small amount of garlic to make simpler pickles. Can’t wait!

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